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how doodooc started?



doodooc.com is a Middletown, Delaware – based SaaS start-up that provides tech solutions for music visualizations. It’s a generative music visualization platform that allows users to render audio-reactive visuals and share them on any platform. doodooc is one of the most sophisticated music visualizers with high customization and deep music analysis.


doodooc was founded on February 7th, 2021, by an Armenian entrepreneur, Karlen Madoyan, and Technical Director, Tigran Bayramyan.

In December of 2019, soon-to-become doodooc’s technical team was invited to Kazan to build the 2019-2020 Kazan New year tree, which soon became one of the largest and most beautiful New year trees in Europe. The 35-meter tree was constructed with 350 thousand lightbulbs and LED screens. Musical compositions accompanied the sound-reactive visuals appearing on the tree, and even a children’s cartoon was projected on the tree. 

As the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic caused several restrictions on event organization and entertainment around the world, doodooc’s team decided to create an online platform that will enable music makers to generate sound-reactive visualizations for their music without any professional expertise. 

On May 1st, 2021, the first alpha version of the website was released. In the August of the same year, the beta was developed, and in November, the final version was launched. The website was last updated in May 2022.



The platform has 350+ generative and audio-reactive music visualization templates. Due to its advanced technology, doodooc analyses 11 layers of music via Ai to create highly synchronized animations.

The templates have custom resolutions and can be rendered in any video frame format for social media posting, and be broadcasted on non-standardized LED screens. 

The visuals rendered on doodooc.com are license-free and can be used by anyone and anywhere. 

Visualization templates on doodooc.com are fully code-developed; they work according to mathematical formulas and algorithms, making each render a unique piece of art.


The Name 

doodooc is named after an ancient musical instrument Duduk. It is a woodwind instrument, with variations appearing throughout the Caucasus and the Middle East. doodooc is a homophone of Duduk and symbolizes the musical origin on the platform and hints at its Armenian roots.



doodooc.com headquarters in Middletown, Delaware, and operates an office in Yerevan, Armenia. The company is currently at its pre-seed stage, planning to set off to seeding.

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